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Or Zarua LaTzadik –  A personal journey to Tzadikim’s grave sites

Welcome to Or Zarua LaTzadik  FREE website!

You are welcome to join me on a visit to Tzadikim’s (righteous persons) grave sites in the Land of Israel, while sitting down at home and watching video clips which were carefully thought out and planned, designed to offer you a real-life experience of the tour.

On this website you will visit well known Tzadikim, such as the Tanna Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai and Rabbi Meir Ba’al HaNess You will also be exposed to unique Tzadikim whose grave sites are located in remote places which are hard to reach, such as Rabbi Yossi of Peki’in, Kruspedai the Tanna, and others. For example, Tanna (“Tnai” is the Hebrew word for “condition” ), is a Tzadik who can change the conditions of nature – like bringing rain in summer or reviving the dead, and so on.

Obviously, it is always better if you can physically visit the grave sites and experience them firsthand, but if you do not live nearby and you still wish to connect to that energy – we want to introduce to you a unique way which enables you to do so.

Through the video clips you will be able to experience the visit in an empowering way, and feel as if you are really there with me. At each location I read a chapter of Psalms and three verses from the book of Zohar, and I light a special candle called Ner Neshama (a memorial candle).

On the video clips you will also see parts of the road leading to the Tzadikim’s grave sites and the area surrounding the actual site, including the walk up to it. You will be able to hear the birds chirping, the wind blowing through the trees, and my steps as I walk up the path till I get to the site.

Each video clip is accompanied by fascinating stories from the Tzaddik’s legacy – in the actual video clip as well as in downloadable files – because visiting the Tzaddik when you know his life’s work will awaken the Tzaddik’s energy, and your requests will be answered quickly. Amen.

What is the purpose of visiting Tzadikim’s grave sites?

The Tzadik is a channel that connects us to the upper world, so that when we seek his help, greater attention is given to our request.

Another purpose is to connect to the energy of the Tzadik and to awaken him and the light he revealed in our world during his lifetime, through his books and through the attributes ascribed to him. This connection to the Tzadik gives us the strength that we need to achieve our inner-change and deal with the difficulties we encounter.

What is the purpose of the website?

1. To reveal and teach the virtues of each Tzadik (you can also search the website by virtues).

2. To connect ourselves to the great energy forces of the Tzadikim, and connect to it as many people as possible.

3. Our world needs tenderness, compassion and the Tzadikim’s help – – especially nowadays. Every week seems to pass faster than the previous one, so perhaps we can slow down the pace a bit and connect to sanity and peace of mind. In order to do so, we definitely need the help of the Tzadikim.

4. we hope that next time you visit the grave sites of the Tzadikim, you will also choose to visit grave sites that you have not known of or visited before – but became familiar with through this website.

What happens when you watch a video clip?

When you watch a video clip of a Tzadik you had visited in the past, your energy will immediately connect to your previous experience, and you will feel that this is a return visit. You can connect to the energy of the Tzadik easily by meditating.

And when you visit grave sites that you did not know of, you can open yourself to new energy channels related to the Tzadik’s energy.

We will be very happy if you let us know if the grave sites of the Tzadikim we had filmed have been renovated or cleaned, so that we can refilm the grave site and update our website.

For your convenience, you can also navigate through the website according to the energies you need. For example, Relationship and Love, or Livelihood, Medicine etc.

Special candle lighting requests

You can ask for the lighting of a Ner Neshama (memorial candle) at the grave sites of the Tzadikim in Tiberias – for yourself or for other people in need of healing or salvation. See details in our store.

After registering to the website, you can watch four free video clips in order to familiarize yourself with the idea, connect to it, love it and become subscribers.

This is a FREE website, therefore you are welcome to donate for maintaining it and uploading more videoclips in the future,

The filming, as well as the translation and editing work of the video clips was done on a weekday.

I wish you all the best, light, joy and healing,

Avraham Saragani

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The music is courtesy of Meni Chen, clarinet player.

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